About Us

Our Mission

After more than 30 years of helping you save money and sleep happy on the best mattress brands, AquaFirm is taking on the hot tub industry. As the world’s largest mattress retailer, we understand what consumers are looking for in a home therapy product. We’ve designed our hot tubs to exceed your expectations and are constantly looking to provide our customers with long-lasting support and comfort. All of our hot tubs have been tested and approved by the experts.

Exclusive Features

AquaFirm offers the most advanced technology available in the hot tubbing industry. Our products are built to help you take advantage of the added health benefits they provide. Our customers have been looking for ways to relax after work, achieve a calmer mind, and assist in a less stressful lifestyle. We are excited to be offering the best hot tubs on the market that bring relaxation therapy nationwide.

We’re here for you

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